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Meet Taniki

Trust your intuition and success will follow.

-Taniki Richard

Born in Texas and raised in many places, Taniki joined the United States Marine Corps in 2001 to escape living in poverty. It was during this time that she experienced Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and military combat. Despite the many challenges she faced with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Taniki continued onward to find greater self. The support from her family, and the love she developed for herself, powered her to SEEK out success, LEAP toward positive change, and REACH life goals. Taniki Richard now leads to inspire, motivate, and foster change in others.  

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I Am

  1.  An optimistic woman that survived emotionally damaging situations who is grateful for a second chance to live life in wholeness.  

  2. A confident individual who uses creativity to express her inner journey.  

  3. A leader that lives by example and challenges others to do the same.  

  4. A truth seeker using her experiences, and that of others, as wisdom for life success.  

  5. A person that defines life success as the ability to express love, spirituality, and courage while positively impacting the life of others.  

  6. A compassionate woman that is touched by the unfortunate circumstances of others.  

  7. A peace keeper willing to fight for the right cause.  

  8. A brave solution maker in the face of adversity.

As A Mother And Wife

I Am

  1. A healthy nurturer of emotions.

  2. A woman who allows family members space to cultivate emotional healing and forgiveness.

  3. An outgoing, fun and loving family member that will always have their backs.

  4. A person willing to sacrifice her own comforts for the greater good of the whole family.

  5. An active woman that loves to enjoy the company of her family members.

  6. A woman who receives a deep sense of gratification for her family.

  7. A woman who loves to cook for her family!

  8. A woman who loves to uplift and support her family to reach their own personal goals.

Taniki Richard
Taniki Richard
Taniki Richard
Taniki Richard

As a Veteran

I Am

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  1. A warrior concerned for the well-being of other warriors.

  2.  A leader who mentors other veterans and helps them to stay on a successful path.

  3.  A person who appreciates her fellow military brothers and sisters for serving our country.

  4.  A resourceful person willing to share any tools that assist veterans in achieving their goals.

  5.  An empowerment agent encouraging veterans through community resources.

As An 


I Am

  1.  A person who uses her talents and skills to serve her community.

  2.  A woman determined to make a difference in the world through sharing her story.

  3.  A visionary thrilled about collaboration.

  4.  A team builder of common business goals.

  5.  A motivated creator eager to provide products and services that customers value.

  6.  A business minded person who refuses to compromise the integrity of herself or others for the sake of profit.

  7.  A person focused on developing a company that has lasting impact on communities around the world.

  8.  An expert in the field of emotional wellness enthusiastic about broadcasting life changing principles for personal and professional success.

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