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Delivering life changing speeches that generate HOPE, EMPOWERMENT and SKILL SETS FOR POSITIVE CHANGE.

 Veteran Activist | Reality Star | Author |  Transformational & Empowerment Speaker

The Taniki Experience Is Like No Other

When looking for an Event Host, Keynote Speaker, or Panelist, what do you consider? Are you looking for someone who is a prompt communicator and has an efficient booking process? What about someone who has the creative ability to customize speeches to fit your specific event? Taniki Richard does all these things and more!

Taniki is known for her ability to usher audiences of different nationalities and backgrounds into laughter, excitement, and self-reflection. Taniki's professionalism and "easy to work with" attitude makes her an industry favorite. 


What qualifies Mrs. Richard are her distinguished awards and certifications such as:

  • Virtual Presenter

  • National Campaign Team Speaker

  • Youth Organization Board Member 

  • Suicide Crisis Prevention Mentor

  • Suicide Awareness Facilitator

  • Sexual Assault/Harassment Trainer

  • Sexual Abuse Victims Advocate

  • Veteran Peer Mentor

  • Occupational Instructor Evaluator

  • Green Belt Lean-Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Facilitator

  • Black Belt Trained Six Sigma Facilitator    

What makes Taniki unique is her service to our country. Taniki served 11years in the United States Marine Corps, allowing her to gain insightful experiences and learn valuable life lessons making her an effective speaking Veteran.

Taniki uses creative performance art, military examples, and life circumstances as an exceptional orator in her speeches. The warmth, humor, and transparency of Taniki's talks leave lasting impressions. With her "build together" approach, Taniki delivers a perspective relevant for personal and professional growth. Focused on mastering feelings, Taniki adds excitement and mentorship during her speeches that increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ). This presenter conveys topics that hit home. Taniki offers practical ways of helping Veterans, Women Professionals, Corporate Industry, and Community Organizations. 

Taniki's Amazing Awards & Features

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Popular Speaking Topics

Military Members- Mental Health & Wellness

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Active-duty to Civilian Transition

  • Family Deployment Readjustment

  • Professional Development

Women Professionals- Business and Mental Health & Wellness

  • Sexual Assault

  • Romantic Relationship

  • Childhood Abuse Trauma

  • Entrepreneurial Goals

  • Family Balance

  • Self-Care

Corporate Industry- Equal Opportunity Training and Mental Health Awareness

  • Veteran Employees

  • Coping with Job Stress

  • Human Resource Training

  • Company Conferences

  • Career Summits

  • Leadership Development

Community Organizations-  Mental Health & Wellness

  • Family Goals

  • Teen Mentorship

  • Career Path

  • Wealthy Mindset


“Taniki's  “motivational” speech on personal responsibility was inspirational and energizing. She provided lifelong tools and personal insights to manage our lives.” I’m confident that the cadets at the Military Ball who apply her words of wisdom will commit their lives to continuous improving and developing as leaders.  Thanks so much for making our JROTC Military Ball a success. I would recommend Taniki to any organization.”
                                                                               -Jerome N. Ferrette, CWO3, USN, (Ret.)

“I truly appreciate Taniki coming to speak to our group. We met a couple years ago when she attended my bible study class here at Little Creek. Since then, I always admired what God had done in her life. When she came to share her raw story of God's love, redemption, and purpose for her, it anchored all of those things I saw in the truth that God will meet you where you are. He will come to you wherever you fall, wherever you land, and remind you that you are His, and He plans to do great things through you. She is an amazing lady with a phenomenal story, and it inspired all of us to get out of our own way and let God reveal what he can really accomplish with us if we trust Him!” 

Krysty Brown

2015-2016 President 

Women of the Chapel

Joint Expeditionary Base

Little Creek / Ft. Story

“It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Taniki Richard! We recently had the pleasure of having Taniki speak at our annual NJROTC Military Ball on February 3, 2016.  The message she conveyed, to over 300 cadets and 20 NJROTC instructors, was well received and motivational for all of us.  Mrs. Richard’s personal story is simply amazing and something others can benefit from if they have the opportunity to hear it. After 28 years of naval service, and four years of teaching high school NJROTC, it is without reservation that I personally recommend Taniki Richard as a motivational guest speaker.”

-MICHAEL P. DYER, CUCM(SCW), USN, (Ret), Naval Science Instructor, Granby NJROTC

Thank you Taniki for taking the time to share your story with us, imparting your wisdom, and service to our country!

Olympus Corporation of the Americas


Panel Discussions


Includes three scheduled meetings prior to event date. Promotion of event on speaker’s social media platform.


All prices are based upon speaker requirements, travel, lodging, location etc.

Event Hosting


Includes one location meeting and one full run-thru rehearsal

All prices are based upon speaker requirements, travel, lodging, location etc.


Poetry/Spoken Word Performance


30-minute slot, Includes one rehearsal.


Speaker Fee: All prices are based upon speaker requirements, travel, lodging, location etc. 

Chose from three titles:

 *will provide more titles upon request

The Patriot

A Veterans Day tribute to all members who served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Close Eclectic Spirits

A deep dive into the complexities of relationships, love, forgiveness and wholeness.

Mind Poverty

Hope and clarity for the poverty stricken soul seeking a change in circumstances and environment.

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